Using the power of caffeine to live a positive life, one macchiato at a time.

The Buzz of Indivduality

A line that I often use as a sort of tagline for my life and how I try to live my life is “Don’t hate, Caffeinated!” This phase not only explains my love for coffee, but also includes how much an inclusive and accepting culture is a part of my life mission.

Through my Interpersonal Communication class I am taking this semester, we have discussed how to be a good communicator.  We have talked about stereotypes, labels, the common rules of socializing within certain groups.  Through these class discussions we have talked about how important it is to look beyond labels and societal norms of communication and interaction with new people.

I believe this class should be a required course for all people in life.  The class has addressed how simply choosing gender neutral pronouns can make an interaction extremely less painful for some.  We have learned that if you accept the idea that feelings are facts, and should not be put down or convinced out of, then people will feel much more supported and accepted within a community as well as many other life tips to help others out.

Although most of what we cover in class I have already known, or just done.  I don’t think I have ever consciously contemplated how I behave, or why I follow these guidelines for life.  I may have just been drilled at a young age by my extremely accepting and caring mother, or my strictly kind father that people are some of the most important assets in life.  That you should care and help all people as much as you would care and help yourself.

Individuals are what makes up our world today.  Not groups of people, not stereotypes, not societal norms or expectations, not political parties or affiliations, just individuals.  I think individuality is one of the most under appreciated aspect of our world today.  You always hear as a child “just be yourself!” but the second you step outside of a social norm, you are shunned or shamed or questioned.  This should not be the case!

Today while doing my nightly scroll through Ted talks for inspiration, I stumbled upon one that really struck me.  Through a series of stories, Ash Beckham talks about the idea that you do not have to conform to one ideology or conform to a socially acceptable moral compass.  We are all holding so many different opinions and aspects of humanity.  It would be a disservice to our morality and individuality to suppress these personal ideologies and lower ourselves to stereotypical methods!

Here is the Ted Talk (highly recommend you watch it for yourself)

My favorite quote of the video: “United by our similarities, not separated by our differences”

So, summary of the point I’m trying to make: Individuality is import, stand up for what you believe is right, be inclusive of all individuals and above all else, DRINK MORE COFFEE!

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂


Espresso Route Through The Common College Cold

This past week, the yearly start-of-semester dorm cold attacked me when I least expected it.  Right in the middle of my homework crunch on Sunday night.  I thought I had avoided it.  I felt myself fighting it for the past two, weeks.  Through my use of Vitamin C, extra naps, and extensive hand washing I thought I had completely overcome the evil cold.  But right when I thought I had made it through the storm, BOOM. It hit, sneak attack, blind sided.

Sunday night, I finished up my homework early and hit the hay, hoping the extra shut-eye would give my immune system a little boost. But the inevitable illness had ensued.

In order to try to mentally overcome the battle going on within me, I woke up early took a nice hot shower, grab a cup of Joe (I mean obviously…) and went through my day.

All was fine and dandy for a while, I thought I had was fighting it. Mind over matter! If I choose to just power through and mentally defend myself it, I’ll be as sharp as ever!  But the daily grind and mental intensity of class wore me down.  I made it through dinner until I new I needed a power nap.Sometimes all it takes is an extra hour of shut-eye to get you through the evening homework grind.

Tuesday was the worst day of the unfortunate illness, my entire body was fatigued as well as my brain power.  Biggest class tip when powering through a cold: Take as many notes as possible.  Write down as much as you can, don’t worry about comprehending or having a grasp on every vocabulary word.  Just write, your healthy self will thank you.  The brain, when under attack of a cold, wont be as in-tuned to your class or the material, so all that you have are your hands and ears to try absorb the information.  Put them to work!

Alright, here’s a quick summary of how power through the dreaded September college cold:

  • Get as much Vitamin C in your system as possible
  • Find time for naps, they will be the extra jolt (and recovery)
  • Start the day with an energized attitude! You can power through it!! (if struggling, grab an espresso)
  • Pump those fluids! Hydration is key

By Wednesday I was feeling like a whole new person! I guess I have this cold-beating business down to a science! Maybe a career change should ensue! Kidding… this blog post is the extent of my Medical capabilities.  But I hope some of my tips are helpful in getting you towards your health once again.

Peace. Love. Java.

The Weekly Grind (and how to stay sane)

The second of week of classes is coming to a close as I write this, and boy it doesn’t feel like only week 2!  The workload is definitely becoming more and more like a week 13 workload, but its  all good!! My goal for this semester has been to be a better student. A harder working, more focused student.  The only way for me to reach this goal is to instill good HABITS.  Life is all about the habits we create. So, first couple weeks= habit forming and breaking.

The habit of being constantly productive and absorbing knowledge, as well as trying to immerse myself into the material as much as possible can become overwhelming and stressful.  Holding myself to a high standard is a new concept  and practice for me and has been taking some time to adjust.  But in the end the knowledge gained, as well as the good lookin’ GPA will be sooo worth it.

Here is a list of some tips I have compiled through these first two weeks that have helped me get through:

  • COFFEE good morning jump start! (my favorite daily practice)
  • Look good, feel good, do good.  Rock yo outfit! Strut your stuff into that classroom!
  • Lists on Lists on Lists: prioritize, be mindful of how you’re spending time
  • Take time for laughs.  Laughing is a super energy boost
  • Studying is more fun with pals!! (Pals that keep you on track that is…)
  • Bored? switch up the subject! Don’t fall into the great abyss of Netflix
  • When stress becoming overwhelming and consuming, take a break! call a friend, meditate, hit the gym.  Its all about self-care.
  • SLEEP- good sleep and lots of it!! A hearty amount gives you more drive for the rest of the week!

My list will probably continue to grow as I get into a groove during this semester.  The biggest thing is to stay on track of my goals and push myself to be better everyday.

Cheers to a glorious semester and a beautiful cup of java!

Day Four: Identifying Your Audience

Today was a roller coaster.

I had to work an AM shift that was filled with many stressful events but also some mind numbing boring times as well.  I guess that is the life of a part-time summer lifeguard.  But, the weather was quite perfect and I brought a nice cup of coffee. SO I wasn’t too bummed out.

I always hope that no one actually comes into the pool while I am working.  I bring some books, my homework while I was still in my summer class, maybe a newspaper if I didn’t have time for the news.  I would use those peaceful summer mornings at the pool to enjoy the sun and gets some me time, all while earning money.  Looking back, these times were probably the most blissful part of my happy summer! What a life, right? Not much to complain about!

Except when you actually HAVE to get some stuff done, because you are leaving for school in a week! And you have so much to do because you’ve been in denial that summer is actually coming to a close! And then there’s one family who comes to use the pool, and as soon as they leave the next one comes in!  Your constantly on duty, but there’s not enough to watch and really keep your attention in the pool. because everyone is able to swim or has a parent right next to them.  So your mind is just sprinting through the to-do list and the anxiety that comes with jumping into the new school year with a new roommate, a new major, a new dorm room, new goals, and past pressures.


All the positive lifestyle tips that I give other people, were all of a sudden being directed towards myself today.  And I have to say, it is extremely hard to sit and give yourself advice.  Telling yourself how to chill out, just sit in your body and focus on your present environment when the mind is filled with thoughts of the future.

Since this blog is focused on giving advise for a calm, positive life, I am going to give the advise to myself today.  The assignment for Blogging 101 was to write to a specific audience, and today my audience needed to be myself.  So here is your advice, Lindsey:

Be more patient but more productive at the same time, they are connected.  Take one task at a time and do not crash into the great abyss of a freak out.  Do the tasks, do not take a nap.  Need motivation? Make a cup of coffee and enjoy every sip of it, then focus on one thing.  There is time for everything, it just takes planning and focus.  Time will go by, and move in day will be here.  Enjoy the path until the day, and after your there have faith that you will have the focus and the drive to achieve everything that you plan on achieving this semester.

Thanks for reading!

Have a coffee-filled day!

Day Two: Titles and Taglines

The Title of my blog is Positively Caffeinated.  I have chosen this title because it explains the content I plan to share on this blog!

I am a huge fan of coffee, and I usually am sitting with a cup of the liquid gold as I surf the web.  So, I thought it would be perfect to associate it into the content I’m creating!  I also spend a lot of time in coffee shops, being comfortable at my usual spot, or exploring a new one and I plan to write about it!
The second part of the title “Positively” is representing the kind of message and vibes that I want to send out into the bloggosphere.  I work hard to maintain a positive lifestyle and mindset throughout my day to day life.  I make sure to incorporate activities everyday that make me happy in order to live a positive life (which usually includes a nice cup of joe).  I hope to share these events and outings through this blog!

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